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Anti-litter Organisations

Here are the key players - in rough order of what we need to do:

"Stop the Drop" CPRE Under the leadership of Bill Bryson, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England is probably the leading organisation campaigning against litter and fly-tipping. Their "Stop the drop" campaign is the highest profile activity on this front for many years.
CleanUp UK - Litteraction Litteraction supports and promotes local litter picking groups. There's an interactive map to find you nearest litter picking group, the facility for local groups to set up web pages and a forum for exchanging ideas.
Keep Britain Tidy Britain's not tidy and it sounds like something your Mum would say about your bedroom, but this is still a very useful site. There is a lot of information on legislation and they have done some useful research into littering. Unfortunately, their guide to litter picking is guaranteed to put you off...first get your liability insurance, then do your risk assessment, then get your antiseptic wipes, then arrrange your first aiders...
Keep Scotland Beautiful Very useful, well put together site for those North of the border - a place that is well worth keeping beautiful
Keep Wales Tidy Good site and there's even an English translation


DEFRA Defra's rather uninspiring litter page. Dull, dull, dull.

Articles and rants

Jeremy Paxman Jeremy Paxman's "filthy island" article from the Guardian March 2007. Something of a landmark for telling it like it is.
Jeff Randall Rant from Jeff Randall, Business editor of the Daily Telegraph and one of the BBC's "Grumpy Old Men"
Jeremy Clarkson A litter related rant from the Sunday Time 2005

Other litter picking sites

BBC Radio Suffolk I think BBC Radio Suffolk's "Don't be a Tosser" campaign sets the gold standard for anti-litter campaigns. It's imaginative, engaging, fun , not at all nannying and had done a great job of mobilising a wide range of community groups. Outstanding! Well done guys.
The Litter Project The Litter Project is the brainchild of Elizabeth Mullen. She's american, but it is a great idea all the same - inspire 100,000 people to pick up one piece of litter every day (that'll be 36.5 million pieces every year).
People Against Litter Similar to the Litter Project, Francesca Saunders' PAL sites aims to persuade people to pick up one piece of litter a week and get one other person do the same.
Rob the Rubbish Rob Kevan clears litter from his home town of Llanwrtyd Wells and has done some high profile litter picks on Snowdon, Ben Nevis and the walk in to Everest in Nepal. He's a great guy and the nearest thing to an A list litter picking celebrity.
People Clearing Litter Steve McCormack's excellent site champions volunteer litter pickers and gives them a forum to record their efforts.
Citizens Against Litter I like this site from a volunteer litter picking group in Pittsburgh USA - it's a good model.

Volunteer Litter Picking Schemes

Tewkesbury Tewkesbury District Council's vounteer litter picking scheme has been running for 2 years and has 70 members
Worcester The Duckworth Trust runs a Litter Warden scheme in and around Worcester. It has around 200 members on the books.
North Hill, Cornwall A very active community group clearing litter around the village of North Hill, Cornwall.

Container Deposit Schemes/Legislation

Keep Wales Tidy Position Paper An excellent 20 page paper that details the evidence of the effectiveness of Container Deposit Schemes. The Container Recycling Institute's very useful site has bucket loads of data and case studies on container deposit schemes.
Western Australia SAG Final report from the Western Australia Stakeholder Advisory Group into best practice container deposit schemes.

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