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"Now here is a fact to make you sit up. In the three years to last November, the city of Sheffield recorded a rather whopping (but by no means exceptional) 441,361 instances of fly-tipping. In the same period, it managed to catch and prosecute exactly one person"
Bill Bryson

This is my chamber of horrors, examples of how litter and flytipping are despoiling the countryside. If you have any examples of your own, please email them in and I'll be delighted to publish them.

Litter and flytipping, Aggs Hill Cheltenham Litter A435 Cheltenham
Builder's rubble fly-tipped on Aggs Hill, near Cheltenham. June 2008 Drinks and pizza litter A435 near Cowley, April 2008. This was left one day after Cotswold District Council had litter picked this stretch of road

Coke cans Cleeve Hill Nest of Coke cans, Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham, Sept 2008.

MacDonalds Litter Litter A435 Cheltenham
"Luv'in it" and leaving it. McLitter A435, Cheltenham, Sept 2008 Skol! Cans dumped in gateway. Nettleton, Gloucestershire Sept 2008

Fkytipping Flytipping near Brimpsfield Gloucestershire, Sept 08.

Dog poo Another example of the work of the Dog Sh*t Preservation Society. I think it's great that dog owners are picking up their pouches poo and most of them have sussed it out that the idea is to take it home with you. But it takes a special kind of idiocy to think that putting in a plastic bag then leaving it on the verge is the right thing to do. You find them hanging from wire fences and gate posts too. Pehaps they should provide instructions with the bags.

Fly tipping and litter Chapmans Cross Fly tipped rubbish on lane near Chapmans Cross, Sapperton, Gloucestershire. November 2008

Carlsberg litter Carlsberg's contribution to the countryside. Whittington, Gloucestershire Nov 08.

Fly tipping and litter Chapmans Cross Rubbish fly-tipped and burnt on woodland track, Sapperton, Gloucestershire. March 2009

 Litter Aggs Hill Litter dumped on Aggs Hill Lane, Gloucestershire Nov 2009

Fly tipping and litter Aggs Hill Fly tipping, Aggs Hill, Gloucestershire Nov 2009

Litter Whitehouse Beach Detritus left by campers, Whitehouse Beach, Essex. (Photo Frank Belgrove)

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