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Britain's worst littered brand

New report published by Litter Heroes
Coca-Cola Landscape - the impact of big brand litter in the countryside

Coca cola litter The 2009 survey of British litter What's Littering Britain? showed that Coca-Cola was Britain's worst littered brand. The survey showed that 4.9% of British litter was Coca-Cola cans and plastic bottles. When other brands distributed by Coca-Cola, such as Fanta, Oasis and Relentless are taken into account the proportion of litter attributable to Coca-Cola rose to 7.8%. The survey also found that Coca-Cola litter is very endemic - littered Coca-Cola products were found in 94% of the sites survey.

7.8% of litter might not sound a lot, but lets look at what it means in practice. In 2008 I cycled a 19km route through rural Gloucestershire and counted, plotted and photographed (and picked up) every bottle or can I passed from these brands.

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As the map shows, littering of these products was widespread along the length of the route.

In total along the 19km route through rural Gloucestershire I came across:
90 cans or bottles from Coca-Cola brands.
That averages our at one every
211 metres.

Slide show: 19km of Coca Cola Litter

Coca-cola Litter
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